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Passenger side vents, stuck on 'heat'.


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Hey guys. Another problem with my truck. I noticed my passenger side vents (both upper and lower) are throwing out straight hot-air off the heater core, no matter what the (computerized) climite control is set to.


Anyone else have this problem? Got a fix?


Anyone with ideas?


I took a quick look behind the glove box, and under the dash, but gave up pretty quick. I'll tear things down one of these nights. I'm out of waranty.




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Yeah, I definitely went through all of the AC controlls - it wasn't that...


I went to take a look at it last night, and I found that they were working correctly again. Weird.


I had the problem for about three days before I remembered to come on here and check in. I drove the truck a handfull of times with a complaining passenger in that timeframe... ;)

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Mine did the same thing. Sometimes it would work, then all of a sudden it wouldn't. Dealer just replaced my controls after not being able to solve the problem and it has been perfect ever since. You might have to try swapping controls (maybe someone you no has some they will let you take out of their truck and borrow just to test it out) it might work, if not I don't know what might cause it. :dunno:

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