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Gaylords x2000

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7/23 12:35a

Hey Guys,


there is a little Group Buy going on with a few guys from DTW and a few from FTW on gaylords x2000 series tonneau covers. We need 20 people to get the deal, so far we have 15 or 16...the buy is coming directly from Gaylords, so nobody is really making any profit on this. I was just passing the word along to CTW to see if anybody wanted in on this deal.


I will just copy and paste in the information that Matt, the guy from DTW who organized the buy posted on the thread on FTW.




As usual, good news and bad news.


First the bad news.

1st part of bad news is that all Gaylords prices are going up on August 1st. So even if you don't want in on this, but there's another Gaylords product you've been eyeballing, GET IT NOW!


2nd part of bad news. The new lid becomes available August 1st. Do you think there is a slight coincidence there?


Now the Good news.

As mentioned, we will be allowed to order the new lid on August 1st. Prices will be slightly higher than first thought, but it's still not bad for a Gaylords product.


Here's the spec on the lids....

The X2000 will come standard with factory paint, carpet interior, interior dome light and keyless entry. The single lock will be mounted along the top of the lid in the rear. The latching system will be rotary style similar to you truck door. The X2000 mounting hardware will be included. The only option will be the speedsturr wing.


Now for the prices....


X2000 w/out Wing.

List Price $ 1,648.27

Our Cost $903.38


X2000 w/ Wing.

List price $1,746.10

Our Cost $956.99


Keep in mind thes prices DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING. Shipping will be the actual cost of shipping and will be calculated at the time you place your order. My estimated shipping charge from CA to GA is $115 to $130. Keep in mind, I am not the person who you will be placing your order with.


BUT, What I do need very soon is I need to know who wants in so I can see where we stand. If there's not enough interest because of price, then I need to purchase the existing lid for myself real quick before the price increases. I like the new features, but w/ out a group purchase I can't afford the new lid. We need 20 orders to make this happen. So far I have 10, possibly 11.


If you want in, please either go to this link and give me your information.





OR send me an email through the site. I need your first name, last name, screen name, and primary email address.


If you feel you have a question about this that someone else might have, you can post it here.


I'm compiling a list of questions and will get them all answered at the same time.


So far questions have been...


What payment method?

In the past they have accepted MC, Visa, and AMEX. No paypal. Check or MO can probably be arranged.


Is there a discount if you don't want it painted?

I'm checking on this.


Is there a discount if you don't want the mounting hardware?

I'm checking on this.


Can you pick it up at Gaylords?

Yes you can. By appointment only, and they'll more than likely install it for you. Keep in mind this probably means you live in CA, so you will have to pay sales tax.



you guys can either post up here if you are interested, or post in the FTW or DTW thread concerning this.


Hope to see some of you guys get involved,



aka 99XLTon20s.



oh yeah, here are the threads on ftw and Dtw if you want to check them out...its mostly just chit chat untill the last few pages.






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...Just some info on my price.  I paid under $1200 for everything including install and shipping and that was without a group buy.    :dunno:





mine came with the wing.. for over $500 more that got to be one hell of a locking system :puke:


does anyone have any info. on the new locks?, cost of them, and i wonder if they can be retrofitted to the older lids :dunno: i might be interested in a better locking system if the price is right...



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It was for everything including TAX. Including the high quality light :lol:


Gaylord x2000 speedstur bed cover, painted factory match, carpet underside, side trim, locks, light and even the install (albeit not that difficult).


...We are just joking about the light,...it is the biggest piece of crap. If you can save some $$$ by not getting it, jump on it. I also would like more info on the new locking system. Sounds like an improvement. :driving:

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