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4/6 Drop


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YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CUT THE FRAME FOR A 4/6!!!! :banghead:  :dupe:  :icon_bs:  :nono:  :smash:


There is a chance of rubbing but there should not be any cutting of the frame for another 4 inches.

To get 6" in the rear yes you do need to cut the frame, well unless you just plan on having your frame sit right on top of your axel housing :dunno: I have 4" in the rear and I have right at 2" between the housing and the frame. I am about 3 1/2" in the front maybe a little lower but the front all depends on wheel and tire size as well I chose to run the stock SS/VHO size because I like how they fill up the wheel well so I can't go any lower in the front with out a ton of rubbing on the top of the fender well.

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Damn, i would hate 2 cut my frame. isn't that bad for your truck? :nonod:

Not if the truck is supported correctly. You need to first strip the rear suspention out from under the truck completely then support the truck infront of where you are going to cut the notch. If you support the truck behind where you cut the notch be ready for the frame to bend!

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You have to cut it in the front and in the rear?

You do not have to cut the frame in the front but it might be a good Idea to cut out the inner fender wells and relocate everything mounted on the fender wells under the hood. this is for a full 4" in the front

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