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Movin on Up!!!


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With help that is.


Ohio State - lost a close one


Michigan lost :wtf:

can't really explain that one except ND is a lot better than I thought


Iowa lost :wtf:

Again can't really explain that one though Iowa beat themselves



I can't wait until we play Florida and Tennessee. I really hope UGA is able to pull it off especially since no one expected us to be any good without Greene and Pollack!!!


Who knows maybe USC & UGA for the National Championship!! That would be cool but there is so much football left!!!! One of the top five is definately going down this weekend. Tennessee VS Florida that should be a good one!!!


Who do you think for the National Championship Game??

Just early opinions!!

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I really hope Florida Beats Tennessee this weekend but the whole Florida beating Georgia thing we will have to disagree on.


I think Florida is good but I also believe Georgia is just as good.


Look at all the SEC teams in the top 10.


This is definately why it is so hard for an SEC Team to win it all. If an SEC Team goes undefeated they should definately be in the National Title Game.

Hence Auburn last year. They definately had the team to beat. Their rhunning game was unstoppable last year. They really took a hard hit by losing Cadillac.


I think Texas will loose a game before the end of the season. Just a feeling. they are good but they do play some good teams.


Don't forget Notre Dame . They play USC Oct. 10. You never know what can happen!!

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