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Hey guy i need some help.......


i have found out that there is a major problem with the hard braking with the silverado pickups complaints of the brake pedal under hard braking goes right to the floor. i found a site where over 120 people have had issues and 20 people have sustaind injuries.


there is an issue and there has been complaints and GM is in the beging stages of there investigation.......but with not enough complaints they are not taking it to seriously.........there is a few web sites i have found regarding this issue.


so i gues what i am asking is if you have had a problem with this or your brakes if you have hand any issues regarding your brakes and are unsatisfied or worried that an accident could happen to you with your truck than can you please email me a petition that i am going to submitt all names that are sent to me to GM to get this problem rectified some one could loose there life.......please take the time and consider this if your interested email me your complaint




[email protected]


thanks for taking the time to read this


power in numbers lets fix this problem.

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