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for those who like shiny things.....


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just saw this in the new jegs catalog (which boasts an SSS on the cover mite i add!!!!) anywho... page 207E has a lil section for "billet specialties" products they now offer for trucks... a butt-load of under hood/engine compartment billet caps/tops/covers for our trucks... i know some of you out there like to make things look real nice etc. etc. so just thought i mite toss this out there....


Billet Specialties Homepage (linked to our products)




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Yeah, I saw the black SS on the cover too... the spot it was in was a carbuetor ad! :dunno:


By the way, I have all that Billet Specialties stuff under my hood. Nice stuff, but don't order the master cylinder cover - it will not fit an SS. They have two different ones, but GM makes 3 different master cylinder reservoirs I guess.


(please, don't anybody ask me for a pic - it's raining here and will be the rest of the week!) :(

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yeah... on the cover... "hop-up" your 03-06 Silverado SS with a hot combo kit consisting of edelbrock's ls-1 carb manifold & holley truck avenger series carb! while your at it (losing horse power that is) slide in a flat tappet cam conversion! :crackup:

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