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LVMS Tomarrow night.


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Tomarrow night, Myself and several people I know are going to the track to have some fun. :driving: I will be racing for the first time, a few of my buds will be running as well, everything from an S2000 to Mustangs, even a classic Camaro. I hope we could get a few of us out there. Not to mention I posted a thread on titantalk.com challenging them to a race, wonder if anyone will show. :driving::flag:

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Thank HAUL. Fellas I already have 2 Titans coming to race. I am getting more support from them then us. I am  sure there is another SS in Vegas that can make it. :driving:  :flag:


Funny thing is I was driving around the Area II yesterday and I see a beautiful black SS sitting in the parking lot of the MSA. A few of the Vegas goat owners are heading out there tonight and I might go myself. I keep a lookout for ya if I go. Good luck running the SS, brake stall the hell out that thing. Chris



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The track was a awesome time, loved it, cant wait to go again :D:D:D . As for my times. I did okay I guess. e/t 15.598 r/t .174 first run. e/t 15.516 r/t .702 second run. :puke::tear: NEED MORE MODS. I only saw one TITAN there, and I was in the race line he was in the parking lot so I couldnt get with him. :banghead: A friend of mine told me the Titan he saw ran mid 16's, And a Harley F-150 ran high 16's low 17's :eek: Hopefully, I can make it out there again when I get back from leave. On the negative note I learned the hard way not to bring my gun there. Long story. I will post more info from my time slip tomarrow, I am exhausted, going on 24 hours awake. :driving::flag:

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