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I was suprised to call Tbyrne to ask a few questions on a Magna charger install and they said they were not doing installs at this time. Maybe in the summer time. So I don t see why I would order it from them? They are not the cheapest are they? I m not even in the same state but my thoughts were , they are experienced in this install and they would give a good price. :confused:

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Are you considering having anyone else do the install??


Other than him. I know that there are a couple guys here on the forum quite capable we might all not be close but I know Zippy may be intrested as well as my self I know if either of us did it you would get a zippy tun more or less on the spot.


Just food for thought.


Not trying to steal anyone's buisness just throwin options out.

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i'm in western mass.  have a shop.  definately willing to undertake the task if your interested.  :thumbs:  :thumbs:  :thumbs:


edit: and i've installed these before.  very familiar with the set up.


What other mods can/will you do? I only have 12,600 miles on my SS and the warrenty is good for two more years, but want to do a cam and headers at some point. Just scared if something happens they will not cover me. I don't know anyone around here that I trust to work on the SS. Most people don't even have a clue what it is :dunno: Since you have a SS, at least you have a clue about them. I am not really that far from you. I live just above Portsmouth, NH.

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