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[Problem] Exhaust Smells... Funny...


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Well, at 15,655 miles, my truck's exhaust smells weird... Ok.... if i were to describe it... I guess you can say it smells like someone farted :lol::D. My passengers smell it when they get out of the truck.. I always thought that someone actually just ripped *ss but i can smell it even when i drive alone, park it, and open my door... And i assure you, i dont fart :D


My friend suggested that it may be my catalytic but I'm not so sure...

Could it be time for my new dual exhausts? :cheers:

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So my friend was right! Daym It! Oh well, just another reason i should get my new exhaust done! Wait... do i need cats if live in Alaska? I should do some research.... Thanks guys!



Ok fine i admit it... But my poop smells like roses! :crackup:

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Yes, it should be... Will they just cut out and replace the cats with new ones?

Maybe i should just tell my dad that the cats messed up the whole exhaust so that when i get my new exhaust done, he doesnt lecture me about wasting my hard earned money on the truck... :banghead:

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