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Memorable SSS.com videos


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SilveradoSS.com Required Viewing!!! One of the newer members has asked about AWD burnout videos and that got me to thinking, since we have so much new blood here in the last six months we probably have a lot of SilveradoSS videos that you guys have never seen; listed are the ones I could find this morning I thought were relevant. I read a bunch of references to some other great videos but could not find them, 2bseen's 1/4-mi runs (anyone have a link to these?) so if I missed your vid please accept my apology and post the link here.


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Official SilveradoSS.com Video (edited by Dylan06SS)

OUT2WIN '05 SS 2WD brake stand & burn out

vdrumright '03 SS/Radix/GT2-3 cam/2.8" Pulley 12.7 1/4-mi pass

mwalls SS LQ9/150-shot AWD cookies (dead link :()

mwalls SS LQ9/150-shot AWD cookies black marks (dead link :()

mwalls SS LQ9/150-shot 12.35@109 1/4-mi pass (June 2004) (dead link :()

A day behind the wheel with Xero (nice_n_lo_silverado)

Chiel '03 SS spankin 'em hard in The Netherlands

Chiel '03 SS against 454SS

GEAR M UP (RIP) C5-R N/A Dyno Pull (232/242 XER lobes 110ICL 112LSA)

F8L Z71 '01 GMC EC Z71/STS @ 12-psi, grudge night 9-25-04 [email protected] 1/4-mi pass

SilveradoSS.com exclusive: Tour Inside GM's Oshawa Truck Assembly Plant

'02 Denali leaving its signature

'02 Denali covering some ground in a hurry

AZFASTESTSS '03 SS LQ9/Vortech/pulley/NOS AWD Burnout for photo shoot

FuelSlut '04 SS LQ9/Radix embarrasing a C5 Vette

FuelSlut '04 SS LQ9/Radix "Blown Away"

427 '03 SS 427/Turbo [email protected] 1/4-mi pass

2bseen's 1/4-mi passes - Where is this video????

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