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TOG headers


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well i know some of you guys have been wanting to get tog headers . Bad news it doesent look like they are around anymore.I live close to the other guys shop. SO i drove by , Looks like they are long gone! Unless they moved to a bigger spot im preety sure my lifetime warranty just expired! LOL i had to go through 5 sets to finally get one with minor leaks! I do have thee extra headers in my garage i wonder if they are more valuble now?


Well just a fyi for ya'll!

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Looks like I have limited edition headers now. :D


anyone want to buy the highly collected state of the art headers....You will never get an oppertunity to purchase these new...for only $10,000 they can be yours :P

:uhoh: Everybody's trying to make a buck these days. :jester:


Mr. P. :)

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