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Info to Potential SS buyers


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Hey guys.


I sold my truck to a stealer ship last week and it will probably make it on to the market in the form of Auction to another dealer.


it is a

2003 Black Silverado SS

VIN 2GCEK19N631346860

ODO has just under 40k miles


Don't buy this truck..



Hole in Bed, blow through

Rear Seat latch is broken

Hole in rear seat.

Rust and water damage under carpet by rear seat (I guess blow through had leak)

Trans was slipping on way to dealership

Bose stereo has no rear speakers and no sub

brakes are on there last leg, need replacing

Front grill clips are shot and grill rattles at highway speed

Rear doors a have been cut to pieces under "new" door skins

Exaust rattle and leak



Stay away from it, I gave it to the stealership for a reason!!



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Well Frank at Revolution would have helped me with all of that work, but it really came down to wanting a new project as well as consolidating my garage down to just 1 car again.


Another big reason is that i have been approved for Lasik eye surgury and needed some cash to get that done. I have not been able to see with out thick glasses since the 3rd grade and I am an "exellent canidate"

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