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WTS Front Differential, Transfer Case from 2004 Si

Texas SS

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I have a front differential and transfer case from a 2004 Silverado SS with about 10,000 miles on them. $350 + Shipping from 77345


Also have a 4" Bullydog straight-through muffler used in the Bullydog exhaust system for Diesel's, has right under 100 miles on it. $100 shipped.


Pictures of the Front Diff / Transfer Case



















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:eek:  wow!!! you truck is sitting pretty low threre.... That must  be why your getting rid of the AWD stuff... Did that big ol MUFF come off there too or did you rob it off a diesel?

That was whenn I had the 22's...I finally sold those for a set of Lexani Roma II's 24" and now it sits a little lower to.. Custom Upper and lower control arms were built. It is obviously a 2wd now.. there were no miles put on these after the truck was bagged...but I'm very proud to have a real SS layin frame!! I appreciate the compliment!! :devil:

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