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just purchased this bad boy!

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a little over a month ago, my kenwood receiver went out :banghead: .. since then, it has been quite a boring drive in my truck. every once and awhile the display will show for 8sec maximum, then turn off again.. getting me all excited that it's working again.. then ripping my heart out when it turns off......... :tear:


so, i finally got the tax return back this past weekend and decided to purchase this sexy piece of audio equipment;





face flipped down for cd access bay;



few of the numerous displays available;



lazy mans remote control;



list price around $600

found it for a steal for around $300!!






here's my old kenwood;

sorry for the poor quality.. was trying to get a good night photo, but my camera is sh-ite!



factory image;



if anyone is interested in purchasing it for parts, or might have an idea what could be wrong with it, i'll sell it for cheap-cheap..

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