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Hey guys I'm back around again. Sorry I've been gone for so long. First off I owe the Carlise guys an apology, I dropped the ball on that whole thing guys total my fault. Glad to hear those of you who made it had a good time. Side note on that is that we weren't going to be able to have and SS area there anyway since we didn't have the 30 trucks we needed.


Anyway I'm going to try to be around here more. With summer coming to a close quickly I'm sure it will be easier. I ended up switching dealerships a few months back, and have just been slammed in there. Keeps the toys paid for though :D


I've been spending pretty much all my time outside of work out on the water. I just picked the boat back up from the dealer Friday after getting it's 2nd 50 hour service of the season. I also fixed the pump on the shower in her last week so I'm planning on streching the season as long as I can. I haven't played with the truck much lately, I've got a demo at work so the SS is pretty much only being used to pull the boat right now.


Anyway good to be back sorry for the long post. Hope all is well with you guys, here's a couple pics for ya

My girls all shined up



Camping at Lake Anna in VA




Switch HS going for the fashion air



Chilling in the boat at Lake Anna


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