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I am pretty much a SSS newbie and am stock except for a K&N drop-in. I am going to be putting some serious bills into the truck when I get back from work in november and have plans on some mods already. These are the mods that I am planning on getting:


-Corsa Sport W/Pacsetter Long Tubes

-Precision EZ solid Billet Grill

-Volent Cold Air Intake

-Zippy Shift Kit

-BSER Roll Pan

-Gaylords Speedsturr Wing Lid

-Goodmark Cowl Hood


And when all said and done, a PCM tune from Bryan


If you guys can give me any suggestions on a better product than the ones I am getting,

that would be great.


P.S. I would like to increase HP as much as possible.

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Good plan :thumbs: I would add the Vette 2nd servo and optionally a billet 4th servo. Also a Trailblazer torque converter and larger tranny cooler. All that together will really give the truck a bit more snap.


Yes, after installing tranny and exhaust mods you will need a PCM retune, if at all possible I would do both the tranny and exhaust work at the same time, that way you save $$$ avoiding multiple PCM tuning.


Mr. P. :)

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The 2nd apply servo is the part in the tranny that applies the 2nd gear friction band; the servo piston from the Corvette is a direct replacement and will hold the 2nd friction band with much more force than the original; note that this change alone does not make for a faster/quicker shift, but more clamping pressure. When you combine a Vette servo with a shift improver kit which has been calibrated to delive a faster shift then you get improved reliability (less friction material slippage), faster track times, and a much more 'authoritative' shift above 1/2-throttle. :thumbs:


Mr. P. :)

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