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New forum member, new Truck


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Good morning!


Wanted to say hello. I bought my '06 Gray V-Max 4X4 crew cab back in March, but just joined the forum a bit ago. I have a co. car and don't drive the truck much (got 24XX miles on it since purchased new in Mar 06) but LOVE IT. I just got my Nelson Tune earlier this week, and am checking into a cam. I will get the magnacharger later, but just trying to figure where to go. I had a 02 Lightning, but since I have two kids I needed more room, and since I love the LS1..guess what???


I have BIG plans later, stroker, blower, etc. For right now I need to figure out what exhaust, cam, headers and intake I need. Recommendations are VERY WELCOME! I am not about removing the cats, but I want a strong cam and exhaust so people know I cam coming. mileage isn't really a concern since I have the co. car.


Thanks again all, let me know what you think!

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welcome to the site and like the guy above you will find everything u want to know for the most part in the search. i got the corsa sport cat back and damn does it sound good wot and when cruising...no drone at all. welcome again

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Welcome, where you stationed at?  CLNC here.

Any pics of the new truck?



I haven't taken any new pics yet, believe it or not. It seems constantly dirty even though I hardly drive it. I live in the country, so that is most likely the reason.


I got out of the Corps in '95. Served four years, and of it in the sand. Fun times had by all.


Thanks to all for the hospitality...I love the forum so far. Can't wait for a cam!

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