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Big Al's freebie/garage sale


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I went through my garage and found some things that are just laying around taking up space. I don't need any of this stuff and I'm sure someone can use it. Some of it is free, some are cheap, and all of it needs to be picked up locally because I ain't shipping shiznits!!! :lol: Send me an email to [email protected] to claim any of this! I will allocate any of this stuff to the person who contacts me first, in other words, I will go in order. Again, I will NOT ship any of this, this is pick up only!


First on the list is my factory Silverado SS front sway bar. This includes all factory bushings, end links, etc. Don't ask me what it fits because I have no freakin idea! I do know it fits an '04 Silverado SS in onyx black. :P Can you say FREEBIE?



Next is a partial Metra double din kit part# 99-2003. I used the double din part for my Alpine IVA-D310 and center channel speaker, but this still has some parts that someone might need. It has a single plastic piece and also a single with the slot below it. This is also FREE!



Next is the part that lowers your spare tire. This was removed from my Silverado SS as well. Come and pick it up and it's free!



Next is a PAC adapter part# C2A-GM24. From the PAC site:

The C2A-GM24 allows you to add a 2 channel aftermarket amplifier for GM vehicles with Class II data bus. What makes the C2A-GM24 unique is that is takes the fixed level audio signal from the factory head unit before it gets to the Bose® amplifier and gives you a variable output. The C2A-GM24 outputs are digitally controlled by the headunit's volume knob. You get full range audio signal, not a Bose® specific equalized output, highpassed or lowpassed output.

• 2 channel RCA outputs with left and right level adjustments for matching aftermarket amplifier/speaker audio signal to factory speakers.

• User selectable to fade out when adjusting factory radio to front or to rear. Or select to be non-fading output.

• +12volt remote turn-on output.

• Plug & Play, no hard wiring required.

The C2A-GM24 does not replace the factory amplifier. If the factory amplifier is removed or disconnected, the C2A-GM24 will not function.

Vehicle application: 2003-2004 Escalade (all), Trail Blazer LT, Trail Blazer LTZ, Envoy SLT, Sierra Denali, Yukon Denali, Hummer H2 (2003 only), 2005 Escalade (all), Sierra Denali, Yukon Denali


For some reason this adapter has two sets of RCA's to add two amps I believe. I'd like to get at least $50.00 for this.


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