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Will these wheels fit?

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I have the Big Baer brake kit on it and it calls for a atleast a 18" wheel. I have some nice Bonspeeds for the summer but need some winter wheels just incase I have to drive it. I was thinking about buying some of the new Escalade wheels from ebay, are they the same bolt pattern? Here are the specs on them.

18x8, 6x5.50, 31mm offset

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6x5.5 = 6x139.7...which is our bolt pattern.


Stock wheels are 8.5" wide, 27mm offset.


The change in offset will make the wheel sit 4mm (that's 1/6 of an inch) further IN. But the half inch lost to width will make it sit 1/4" farther away from things inside the fenders..so it's a wash.


It's a good start (by the numbers)...but you might need to keep the tire width to 275. Maybe someone can chime in with experience?


- Brian

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i had to grind my calipers a bit to make my 18's fit i forgot the exact specs on them i think they have somewhere between 3.5 and 5.5 bs and the offset i have no clue. but i did get them to fit, the bad thing about the skinny rims is your limited to how wide of a tire you can run , id like to run a 295/40 or 45 but it requires a bigger rim and i dont know how it would work out with a small rim!!

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