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FlowMaster 40's


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i was searchn around on E-bay for my F/M 40's 3" inlet/ 3" Outlet, and found plenty of them, but there were different types. the seller didnt really do a good job of giving a description. Thers the F/M 40's Delta Flow race Mufflers and then another one i found was the F/M 40 Super 40's..im sure theres others....which ones should i be looking for..lemme know



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The delta flow is definately the way to go unless you prefer the constant drone in the cab at highway speeds. I haven't put a flowmaster on my truck (yet....but it's just a matter of time) but if I did I would go with the next quieter series "50 Delta" with delta flow. There is very little, if any resonance, they are al little quieter with a nice deep note. Those along with a quality X-pipe will give it that smooth throaty sound that most people look for.

It's either that or some 12" glass packs with a shiny chunk of stove pipe hanging out the back. :D

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