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San Angelo, TX


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I am going to be in West Texas, San Angelo to be exact for a few months. I was approved for my retraining so I will be attending the DoD Fire Academy in November. I cant wait. I was wondering if there are fellow SS'ers in San Angelo could give me some in sight in to San Angelo. Maybe even someone to hang with. :cheers: Hope to hear from someone soon. Matt :flag:



Ohhh and if you see a black SS rolling around with Las Vegas plates thats me.

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Get to know Abilene while your in the area.  Its not too far away and has a decent nightlife there.




yea not so much there are a couple places here in abilene...but i think they close around 1am. not too much of a partier though. havent been to a club but once in the last 4 years!. good luck in your cross training. there are a couple of places in san angelo...trust me you will have no problem finding your way to the bars...af people in training have radar...what mods are you planning while you are down?

what are you cross training from?


jsut read through another thread and realized you are ammo...loaders dont help ammo!!!ha! well at least you are cross training. :thumbs:

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