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New owner intro..


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Hello everyone, Just wanted to get the noob stuff out of the way, being a new member here and a new SS owner. Little background info, I live in not always so pleasant souther california * OC baby! * and have wanted a Silverado SS since I first laid eyes on one. Well lastnight my wife and I picked up our new *never sold* 2006 black SS. Needless to say I'm excited! hell, I only got two hours of sleep lastnight lol. So this seems like the place to be as far as our trucks are concerned, very nice forum you all have here. That being said, this is my first new vehicle ( yay! finaly get to take our 72 camaro out of daily driver duty) purchace and I was wondering if you could give me any helpfull hints, tips for things I should look up, or info I should get from the dealer. What I would like to try to get, though I dont think they have them for new trucks, is some sort of build sheet. I'd really like to know exactly what I have in my truck, above and beyond what the windo stick lists lol or dosnt list. Once again, great place you have here, and I look forward to participating.


plz for give any typos, total lack of sleep here lol

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Thanks for the warm welcome! As far a mods go they will be very mild. I'm intertaining the idea of a better exhaust, possibly a cold air intake. I also want to quickin up the shifts, not make it shift harder, just make it more efficient. Just little things to make it more injoyable, that and I want to keep the smog nazis off my back in my wonderful *not* state.

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welcome to the site!

exhaust? depends which route you want to go. cheap and loud just cut the mufler off and replace it with a magnaflow/flowmaster.

other route more expensive get a corsa. (loud outside not in the cab)


second thing to firm the shifts and make your truck fun. get your pcm retuned by zippy or bryan (pcmforless.com) or you can get a dyno tune being your a 2wd thats a good route.

welcome again

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Welcome to the site and Congrats on the New SSS :thumbs: Glad to see you picked the best color :D


hehe yeah, I'm a little old school. You can have any coor you want, as long as its black :chevy:


Exhaust wise though Corsa looks like the way to go from what I have read, maybe around income tax time tehehe. 2 days and counting with this truck and all I can say is I am in love! I just have to be carefull with mods, If I spend to much money on the SS, our camaro will get jealous lol.

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