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wrecked my truck plus a ticket


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im up at college last night n im drivin to my friends house, didnt realize this street was a one way street ( back home there are none and i didnt see a sign)and i went to turn left from the right lane into his driveway...even had my turn signal on. the guy who was behind me got into the left lane as i started to turn and hit the side of my truck. cop came and gave me a ticket and yelled at the guy for not having his license. anyways the bed from behind the wheel to the tail light is smashed and it cut the rim and the tire


so anyone know something i might be able to do or say to get no points and maybe a higher fine or even reduced points?

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don't think you can do that. still if you switched lanes and got hit that would be a different story. My buddy has a similiar situation happen to him. We pulled off the main road into the side street going to the mall/shops. Lady in front of him gets in the what looks to be a right turning lane he goes left to go around her and she tried to do a u-turn and smack(car wreck). She told the cop she gave a left turn signal and cop said it wasn't really a right turn lane she was in(just a big fat lane). Cop ruled my buddy at fault but her insurance ruled it 50/50. She was driving a big old ford and buddy was driving his wife's car. The wife and I were in the back and got to see the whole thing. Not the place to attempt a u-turn if you ask me. :banghead:

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I dunno. I think technically the non-licensed driver is automatically at fault (they should not have been on the road). I can't even guess what way the decision would go in your case. But I'd bet a dollar you are not getting out of the ticket, if there wasn't a collision maybe but in this case I doubt it. However it is just a rolling infraction (and not a speeding ticket or failure to obey a traffic control) so you might be able to take defensive driving :dunno: Really sorry to hear about your truck.


Mr. P.

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