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Someone F'd my bumper!!!


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As I leave work today, I notice the front passenger corner of my SSS's bumper has a big huge scratch on it.. i get closer and i notice all the paint is gone.. a huge 3 inch by 6 inch section!! like someone dragged a sander over it.

im betting it was the idiot in the GMC Envoy parked next to me. my truck only went one other place today, and that side of my truck was facing away from anything else in a corner spot.

man!! just when i was getting to the home stretch of my home buying stress!! WTF man.. W T F !!!


anyone got a front bumper for a 2003 SSS? :banghead:

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and im closing on my new house MONDAY.. i cant afford to have the SSS in the shop right now to fix it.


i THINK this person works where I do.. so tomorrow im gonna go hunting for dammage.


Do you have security cameras? Might be able to see who did it if your truck was in view. Sucks when people don't repspect your stuff. :banghead:

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