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first real race in awhile


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Driving thru town, and i see the old school black ss....never seeing one i took my time looking at. Truck was spotless lowered and sounded as good as it looked. I gave the dad and kid the nice truck look as i cruised by to check it out. As much as i wanted them to get on it this truck beside me. early 90's late 80's ford with open exhaust was reving it at the stop light. I couldnt resist the urge. No surprise to what happened next but the guy was totally cool about it and give me the :thumbs: when he got back up to me. I really wanted to see how those old ss's run. That was the first one ive ever seen and D@mn it look sweet.

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i dont know much about them but he had a roll pan and his liscense plate sayed lowered and he had a small belltech sticker.... prolly like a 2 inch drop t wasnt much but i saw it again on the way to the movies with my friends.... i seriously gotta stop that dude and look at his truck

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