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anyone got a ricer?


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I have a 12 second supercharged Grand Prix 2dr GTX (SLP version of GTP). Its in really good condition, and aside from lacking AWD launches, it will embarass EVO's and STI's. Oh...and you can get it for less than one third of the cost. Not really ricey, but dam nice and impressive for a FWD V6.

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I was driving "rice", but it was back in 1979....



The car was four years old...





Dude what have you got under the hood of that thing?! :lol: That brought back good memories, my best friend in CA still has his Dodge Colt and just loves that car, has had it for at least 15 years.


Mr. P. :)

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I had an 05 G35 coupe. Just sold it and now I'm missing it. If that's a ricer.


I was not implying that the g35 was rice, but if I was buying something for a driver versus the SS.



if i was going for rice i would look into a cobalt SS, they are cheaper and can made decently fast for a good deal too. but they arent awd which definalty is very cool!!


Okay, I'm confuse can someone tell me what "Rice" or "Ricer" mean without offending the Asian communities :P


EDIT: KAOTIK I just saw where you said that you would rather buy a G35x. That's why I was confused when you replied back :confused: . My post has nothing to do with what you said. I was really asking if the G35 is a ricer? :crackup: You could of bought mine an '05 with 6 speed 298 ponies sitting on 19's with only 11,000 miles for a bargain $25,000. I hated that I had to sell it but I have to get ready for the 2009 Camaro SS :driving: HELL YEAH!!!

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