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N00b PCM Questions


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Hey guys, ive been reading this forum for a few weeks now, and am learning a ton. I'm not that knowledgeable on cars so excuse my ignorance.

So far, all ive gotten done to my 03 SS, is a Dual In/Out Flowmaster Muffler Dumped, but i was thinking the next thing i wanted to do was a PCM tune.

Is this the right thing to do next? Do i want to put in a cooler thermostat, or a CAI first?

Ive been searching around alot, and ive seen mixed answers to the questions, so im kind of confused on what to do next.


Also, i hear that i can do a bunch of cool things with the Tow/Haul mode with a new PCM tune. Is it "Tow Off: Save Gas/Normal Mode" and "Tow on: Gas goes fast/Race Mode" ?


Again sorry if my questions are stupid, but I know i can get way more out of my truck if i do everything the right way the first time. :driving:





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Welcome fellow Texan tx_patriot.gif The only thing the T/H button controls is transmission shift behavior; it does not alter spark or fuel delivery at all so the T/H button cannot make the engine more or less powerful. What it does is change shift pressures, shift & kickdown points, lockup, etc.


Getting a PCM tune is a very good idea. If you are considering a low-temp thermostat then you better get that installed before PCM tuning, it will matter. It is best to get all the hard parts assembled together first before getting a PCM tune, but a CAI will not make a huge difference on your aftermarket PCM tune, IMO I would not sweat it if you got tuned first and the CAI later.


Mr. P.

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Johnny, from personal experience just spend the extra couple hundred and get a custom tune done. I kick myself in the A$$ for doin the mail order tune. Just try to locate someone in texas with a dyno that can tune you

So far, the only place ive found is 2-3 hrs away from here. I'd do it if it were worth 4-6 hrs driving + gas + extra for custom tune :dunno:


Mr. P,


I think i'm mainly gonna go for a few baby steps till i can work up some more cash. but ive heard that exhaust/CAI/PCM were the best/cheapest first mods for power.

After that i think i'll have a few things done for asthetics. Too many old people around here to find people to race :lol: at least i gotta look cool :smash:

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