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Volant Air Intake


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Hey guys, i know this may be the incorrect forum section to post...but there are two parts, for one i have been a member here for a VERY VERY long time, and at one point I would speak to several of yall on a daily basis and I just wanted to say Hi and ask how everything was doing......Two I have a question,

I drive a 06 F150 Lariat, former SS Owner

My dad just bought a 2 wheel drive SS and just purchased the Volant Air intake with the optional Forced Air induction system that goes into the ducts. Well back in the day I remember everyone was complaining because on the dino taht 400 doller system actually LOST horsepower and I told him not to buy it. Could any of you give me a site or any hard facts showing that the intake system actually decreased Horspower on the dyno over the stock air box.....thanks guys, good talking to yall hope all is well


Jonathon K

Former SS- 24' Foose Speedtsers, 5000.00 worth of stereo, now im in a 06 F150 STOCK :(.....take care

If its easier u canemail me at [email protected]

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