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corsa exhaust


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wow the irony in this, so get back to the dorm expecting to see a message to pick up a package... no message... called the website and asked for the tracing numbers, turns out the other half of my exhaust is in New Jersey and not scheduled to be delivered to whatever wrong address they have until october 5th, so they are like we'll try to get it back as soon as possible and reship it to you, which i thought was completely unacceptableso they are shipping the rest of it to me "expedited" which IMO they should be overnighting it since they screwed it up... anyway just needed some time to vent. :mad::banghead:

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That SUCKS!!!!!!!



But what do you do? I had waited seven months for my rear tires to mock my car up and start pregress when I was told 6 weeks. When the UPS truck finally arrived there was ONE tire wrapped in clear wrap in the back of the guy's truck. They are wide tires- he thought it was TWO tires.


I had to wait three days before getting the second tire.


I feel for ya!

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well I've got a custom tune, therm and the volant ram air cai for performance. I just got done changing the oil and wrapping the intake tube from the box to the throttle body in fiberglass insulation. (PIA) Appearance: 5 piece chrome speed mesh grill and tints.

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