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Need a hp #

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Guys I am tossing around the idea of selling the SS. For that reason I would like to know if anyone can give me an educated guess of the horsepower I am making.

I searched and never came up with a definitive answer. Any help is appreciated.


Mods are listed in sig. Thanks.

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im very disapointed in my dynoed numbers kinda wish i didnt get it done.. ive posted this earlier . i have a radix stock pulley dynatech long tubes b&b exhuast and a volant intake and i was making 350 to the wheels.. we also dynoed a few other supercharged trucks and there numbers were way lower then expected too so idk what to think i just havent found another place to dyno and compare too yet..

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I chassis dynoe'd 351 to the tires with a rough tune though full exhaust manifolds.. cats ect..


Heads and cam only put 351/388tq


I know I am making more now I just ran a 13.3 with it still naturally asperated.


2wd I duno of that helps figured I would chime in

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