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Oh the damage I can do with a drill...

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Well I mounted the Intimidator wing I bought off the forum. The wing (tailgate) was a no-brainer but my aim with the drill was not the best, there's a couple biiiig holes under those corner pieces but nothing a huge fender washer can't help with I guess :yellow_loser: So that bad dog is on there to stay! And yes when you get above 110 it helps keep the ass down on rough pavement. :thumbs:




Mr. P. :)

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...Throw some black wheels on there too :devil:
Thanks man! And when it comes time to wash the truck those wheels are plenty black!


that wing looks nice...got any more pics. Id like to get a speedstur too but them shits is expensive :sigh:
I'll take more the next time the truck is clean. I love it, and I get a lot of compliments on it - many. As far as expense, the SSI wing is $900 at the dealer, or about $675 from gmpartsdirect. I'm sure they only made a handful so you've gotta get 'em now before they're gone, and I'm sure that after next year even the used ones will be costly. For about $200-250 you can get the StreetScenes one, it's similar. The X2000 is selling in the $1300 range with all the trimmings, and used ones are probably half that :dunno:. AS A MATTER OF FACT, I've got the phone number of a gent in El Paso with a perfect used one that I'm sure he will sell for a good price if you can pick it up locally, just PM me.


I would have taped the end caps on. Then they are removeable.
The studs are molded into the wing, you would have to grind them off. I should have taken pics of them off the truck :banghead:


Mr. P.

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