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Injen CAI


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I just installed my new Injen Cold Air intake, it is awesome, my 04 SS is faster, and has more bottom and top end. It is louder and has a deeper rumble. I highy reccomend this system. I am the first to by one ever! I own the first one ever produced, I waited 6 weeks. I highly reccoment this system, easy install about 1.5 hours, and no comp problems. They run about $400 because injen uses MR power flow technology and tunes them. Post questions.



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Injen makes high quality stuff...they do a lot of import performance, but it IS all dyno tested and *supposedly* tuned to match each application...rather than just made to fit.


Anyway, I had one of their setups on my 240SX back in '98-99...before I turbo'd the car...great fitment, worth the $$$ for that car.


Is it worth $100 over the popoular systems for our trucks? I dunno.


They also do intercoolers, custom piping, exhuasts, etc...


- Brian

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Pics here: http://store.racinglab.com/injen-pf-06.html


Anyone else think that the first post in this thread reads like an infomercial?? I half expected Billy Mays to pop up while I was reading it and squirt me in the eyes with Oxi-Clean  :jester:



My first thought too. :D

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