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Weekend fun


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We had a couple nice days and I had my truck out for a little bit, to one get is washed and waxed while it was decent out. So on my way home from waxing the truck a Hemi SCSB pulls up next to me in a two lane and revs. Figurd W.T.H light goes green he got left behind! lol At the next light he rolls his window down blamed it on a car in front of him.


Last night I went with a buddy down to the local cruise strip and just rolled around to see if anything good was out. Suprisingly there was not much out for a 65 degree night that was clear and crisp. Most of the cars that were out though happen to be ricers with turbos. Getting up to this section where it opens to three lanes, this vw turbo was trying to ram his car under my bumper, then it opened to the three lanes. He went to the far left, middle lane was a mini van, then me to the far right, light goes green and I walked him my buddy said 5 cars, I think it was only 3 none the less.. This was up to about 70-75, I slow to make a right hand turn he flys by beeps and puts on his 4-ways stating he won... WTF.. loser hahaha


That was my two kills now on to the good part, of the weekend. I finally got a chance to line up with my buddys typhoon again, this time he said he was running right and at 16 pounds of boost. He went to test and tune last wed. night at LVD and posted a time of 13.9 sounds a bit slow for as much boost but he was for the most part happy. So we went to a desolate strip of highway, that is fairly straight for about 4 miles, one car went ahead to the 1/4 mark and waited, while he and I lined up. There was a second car to flag the race(pinks style) NO car lenghts and from a dig, it was heads up drag racing. Hands dropped side by side out of the hole, his rear bumper got to my front and stayed there the rest of the way down the highway. So I guess I lost by a truck lenght. Oh well not bad for just a zippy tune intake and exhaust!

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Nice work,


Sounds like you had a good time. You got to love the cool crisp night, when you are driving around staulking other people to race........ :devil:


Not to get side tracked but speaking of LVD when does it close this year?


Good kills though.

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