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My Chevelle


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dam jon sorry to hear your getting rid of it. at least that motor should go together alot faster when you do. good luck with the sale, bump for a great project car.

Naww I need the money to be able to move out.


even better . i wish i could say the same.

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i would keep the car, no doubt in mind.

put it in storage somewhere

if you sell it you will kick yourself in the ASS

in the future

if i were you i would keep it











nixsupersport :nono:

Yeah I know but there is no other way I am going to get the money I need to beable to make a down payment on a place of my own. There will be other projects down the road.

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sell drugs...........j/k




well, good luck and keep us posted on the move

really wish you lived close, i would buy it or at least store it for you

i really hate to see you lose your dream car :tear:









nixsupersport :cry:

Well Thanks!

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I have a 65 just like that....and when I mean just like that I mean all torn apart in the middle of a restoration. I am with others in saying you shouldn't sell it. I have had mine since I was 15.....15 years ago. It was my first car. Now I am just trying to find time and a place to restore the rest of it. But I don't think I will ever sell it. Once it is gone it is too hard to get one back. Just my opinion.



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