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Totalled car of the week-


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Since i see alot of these every week at work, I've decided to share pictures of some of the wrecked vehicles I get to see. I will only post a couple of pics of one vehicle each week and try and get the story behind it... We don't always get bad wrecks in, but I will try and get the best/most interesting vehicle.


I thought this one was especially humorous, I guess this guy really pissed someone off, I had to drive the thing onto a truck and it turns out it had 5 bullet holes in it, 3 in the drivers' side door, one in the auxilary fuel tank and one in the grille that took out the trans-cooler, inter-cooler, radiator and a fuel line... so it leaked a little bit of everything and I noticed that it was leaking off road fuel when we loaded it on the truck. :lol: Enjoy!








Let me know what you guys think, and if this is a problem will one of the Moderators let me know. :thumbs:

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:withstupid: Great idea for a thread.  And I could have told you most Dodge Ram drivers are assholes. :lol:


Mr. P. :)

:wtf::nono: Only the Hemi guys, besides I would have outrun the bullets! :jester:
:banghead: You're right, I was referring to the Hemi and chipped Cummins guys - sorry :ughdance:
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