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STS Turbo LQ9 Injector size?

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What up peeps!!! I got a good question to pick your brain with. I just installed a STS turbo kit with the intercooler and the GT67 turbo on my SS silverado. Now the sound and performance is badass, But the only issue is that I have a huge change in boost levels going from 5 to 2 and back to 5 during full boost? Also Im wanting to maximize the amount of power with out changeing the internals. Fuel delievery is the most important for that and Im wanting to know what should I go with on fuel injector sizes. To get the most bang for the buck and something that I can upgrade the motor for higher boost and not have to change the injectors. My end goal is 15 psi with forged internals but thats years down the road. For now im staying with stock internals. This is my daily driver so down time has to be minamal. Thanks for your insite.

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