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First Kill


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Aight so last weekend i was in Ft Worth hangin with a friend of mine, who was telling me this guy in an older Explorer was sittin high and mighty beating everyones older BMW's and others. So he decides that i need to quickly put him in his place. So he calls him up, and this guy drives up in this ghetto looking explorer with neon's and some icepack exhaust that sounds really annoying. anyway, we end up racing a quick first-to-75 from a stop light, where i toyed with him a bit, didnt launch right off the bat, and let him stay even with me. Till i floored it all the way and was 1-2 truck lengths away before we stopped. So he was feelin kinda good that he kept up with me most of the way.

Then we did the same race the other way, and i let him have it. right at launch i was 2 truck lengths away and we killed it about 5-6 away. the guy was humiliated, and all he had left to brag about was his pair of sub's in the back.


All in all, it wasnt much of anything, but it was my first "official" kill, and my friend gets to rub it in this guys face from now on.


the only negative part to this, was the blowout i had comin back on I-20 in the middle of no where at 11 that night. sucks.

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