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Meziere water pump

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Ok here is the deal. I was starting my radix and water pump install. So i got it all torn down and put the water pump on to get ready for the radix tensioner and viola, it dosent fit.The pump is for a ls1.i Where the hose fitting comes out the pump is in the way. Im so bumbed out here man. :dunno: Any one ever done this mod before?? Any help would be great.

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thats the electric water pump correct? thats not cheap to try and see if it works, possibly you could modify it to work, post some pics maybe we can help you, im curious as to if this would work on a stock setup or with a vortech becasue the blower is on the opposit side so i dont see it getting in the way. one other thing is , the magnacharger kit for an ls1 may have a different tensioner that would work for you r set up.


link to ls1 style maggie with tensioner,


although the pulley for the blower is in a different spot maybe the tensioner would work with a new sized belt.

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hey thanx for the link chase. it looks like that is the setup that i need to use. now what do i do? back to the stocker and put the water pump on my denali and call it a day. it would be trick to pull this off. the only thing that sux is that the pump is blue and so is the truck,would've looked real slick under the hood with a radix. :cheers:

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