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blackbeast ss

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Magnaflow High Flow Metallic Spun Cats  part # 59959


That will do ya good. :thumbs:

sorry to thread jack, but did you finally install the pacesetters and new cats along with the corsa, im wondering how much would it be to install the pacesetters etc

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i have paceseters with the magnaflow cats mentioned above. they will work just fine, a small legnth of the headers itself will need to be removed for the pipes to work though, here are some pics of my set up













. i paid a 650 for the new exhaust, i put the headers on myself and then drove it to shop for the work, i also had everything except piping and flanges, good exhaust work isnt cheap and you usually get for what you pay for, definatly go with mandrel bent pipe you wont be dissapointed, i bought mine on ebay for a little over 90 a peice.

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Those are some good looking cats, but I here that the stock cats actually flow pretty damn good. Plus, you really don't need the HF's unless your running some type of FI. Thats why I'm going to stick w/the stock cats.

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