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Flowmaster 50 series


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I just got a flowmaster 50 series big block...sounds great. Not too loud, but has a good DEEP sound............I was wondering if yall think that I should put a set of headers on my 2003 ss along with it???? Think it would still have a deeper sound?


Headers would be a good addition. It would make it a little lowder, deeper, and add some HP ;)

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That's what I like to hear!!!! 

I've also been wanting a programmer, people keep telling me about the pcmforless  and telling me to ask zippy....he won't reply.......but anyways, how much better is it than a handheld programmer?

Whats up with you guys and handheld programmers. I just read 3 posts of the same crap. Bottom line is that handhelds are not worth it, spend that $400 on the PCM tune.

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