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Proud new owner of a 03 Arrival Blue SS


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:cool: I just bought a 03 Blue Arrival SSS and love it, it is one of the greatest vehicles I have had yet and am sure that won't change. She's fully loaded with everything but a sunroof which I from what I understand they didn't come stock and doesn't bother me one bit. She's got some painted graphics on the side which I like because its different than all the other arrival blue SSS, its also already got a AEM Brute Force Intake under the hood and a flowmaster CatBack and I absolutly love the sound. I do not have pics right now but as soon as I find the camera I will have some pictures. The truck only has 9K on her so its still basically brand new and to top it all off I only paid 20K. Another thing my warranty expires in march what are somethings I should look at before she goes out of warranty. :cool::cheers:
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Thanks and if I had a choice between the Arrival Blue or Black I would definatly choose the Arrival Blue no doubt. Awesome color and its just looks awesome in daylight and its such a head turner as well. :cheers:

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Also another thing I just replaced my highs and lows with some silverstar ultras and want to change the turn signal and the driving light as well and I looked and the turn signal is 3157 but what is the driving light bulb? Im not gonna put any ricey looking lights or anything like that I want to put in some chrome to amber for the turns and then a chrome to super white for the driving lights not unless you guys thing some blue bulbs would look good with my blue but I like clean looking headlights, but I do like the amber side reflectors i think it kinda goes with the truck. Also is there a rollpan someone recommends and possibly a flush mount tonnoue cover or a leather cover for my new baby

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Also is there a rollpan someone recommends and possibly a flush mount tonnoue cover or a leather cover for my new baby



there is a roll pan that everyone practically has its bsre search around here and you will find it. i actulllay think there is a group buy going on right now so maybe you can get into that.

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Ok well I went and took some pics yesterday but am just now getting around to posting them so here ya go. I took a close up pic of the graphic so you can see how its trimmed and not just plain white. I like the graphics that are on it so to those of you who don't like it :yellow_loser:. Anyway feel free to take a look a my album to see my old xtreme before and after I hit a 7 point buck going 70mph and airbags didn't deploy either!












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Here's my old truck, I absolutly loved the refection I had going off of the paint because I waxed it so much and also I had some camaro tips centered under the rollpan do you guys think that would look go on my ss with the same kinda setup or not?













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Welcome to the site, we're all glad to have you here. :chevy: You'll find this place has a wealth of information and most of the basic questions can be answered by using the search feature. Also, don't forget to sign up to become a supporting member to give back to a site that gives so much to the sss comunity.


Just a few friendly notes:


1. try using the search feature before posting a question

2. update your profile so everyone can see where you are from and the year/make/model of your vehicle

3. keep sig pics within 700X200 size

4. try to post your questions in the appropriate forums. (ie, which cold air intake to buy type questions go in the bolt on performance section)


Again, Welcome to the site and ENJOY your stay!! :cheers:

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