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Boston Newbie here!


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What's up everyone? I posted a few times, but never noticed the introduction area. So now that I found it, I gotta make it official. Hi, my name is Keith and I'm an SSoholic.


I bought a black '04 SS last week and I'm loving it. Just came from an '02 Tahoe LT and I can already tell life will never be the same. That was my 1st SUV and I liked it, but I had three Chevy trucks before and missed them. It was finally time to go back but I needed more. And more is what I got!! I wish I got one sooner!


Sucks that it's supposed to pour up here tomorrow cuz I was looking forward to really seeing what she has on the long highway ride to my sister's.



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Hey everyone,


Thanks for the welcome. Just reading a few of the threads the last few days, I've picked up a few ideas on what I might wanna do to make it mine. I've had a few of my own, but learning what particular makes and product numbers exactly fit and look best is huge.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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