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lowered right height


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ive been looking at alot of your trucks and my truck doesnt look as low as everyone else even with my beltch 2/2 kit..  i think they did something wrong.. if someone could can u measure from the ground to the bottom of the center fender on front and back on stock size tires.. thanks


With you having a 2WD 2006 SSS, you don't have torsion bars up front do you? What you are probably seeing is most people have the McGaughy's 2"/3.5"-4" drop installed on their trucks. With the torsion bars up front, we can lower the truck a little more after the spindles are installed. Also, in the rear there were two different positions to lower the truck. I know in my situation, after the drop was installed, I had a reverse rake and I had to drop the front some to get the correct stance I wanted.

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tru spindles will keep a more comforting ride, with a 2/2 your not going to see s big difference. go check your shackles see if they are on the lowest possible position. your keys are adjustable so they may not have went low enough for your liking.


id love to go lower but i am happy with ho wmy truck rides , and being awd you can only go so low up front, which isnt a problem for 2wd until your wheels start rubbing .

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