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Installed my tTT2600 and Zippy Shift

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Well i attempted this in my garage and now that i drove it. It was totally worth it!!!


That trans bellhousing bolt on the very top what a B*TCH!!!

i got it out for above laying on the engine. is there an easier way?


it took about 3 hours to get out and 3 to get back in. The shift kit was pretty easy with the instructions. took me about 3 hours also.


I recommend this mod and tune for the money and fun!

the first time it shifted i thought something broken it was Awesome! You feel every shift.

it was snowing here and i had to still try it i launched it when it shifted it broke the front end loose (in the snow) and turned the wheels form torque steer i wasn't expecting that. Made it all worth it.


i was quoted 900 for the install at a trans shop but i did all for 200 including buying a trans jack.

99 jack 8 t- case gasket , 39 filter and pan gasket 40 in fluid.

+ Zippy shift and and Yank tt2600 i scored for 250

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Everything was working fine for a while. I first lost 4th then 2nd was slipping. Took servos out and inspected o-rings, wiper rings, etc and they looked fine. I put the stock servos in and shifted normally. Now I got the vette 2nd and 4th billet, so I don’t know why those problems came about. Maybe the pin length, that’s my only reasoning.

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Congrats on doing it yourself! :cheers:


For me the top bolt took all of 30 seconds going in from behind with like 40 inches of extensions and one Universal.


Some people jack up the rear of the tranny causing the motor to tilt forward allowing them to have better access from the top of the engine. If you have a Radix and big hands, this is a waste of time. Go from behind. :happysad:

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so would you recommend these 2 mods for someone with no F/I yet?



i would this shift kit is alot of fun

the stall is also worth it now even when your n/a


this also should give the trans a longer life with f/i due to the increased pressure

and much quicker shifts

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Ive yet to work on the trans in my SS but ive worked on older Chevrolet trucks with 700R4's and TH350's and the best way Ive found to remote and install the bell housing bolts is put a swivle on the end of about 5 or 6 extensions put to geather.... if you can get it up in there and have your ratchet/air ratchet near the trans pan it should be quite abit easier

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