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These are my options that my dad has given me:

1. Get a brand new 2007 Texas Editon Crew Cab and pimp it out with rims an what not.

2. A 2006 silverado SS and get rims and a small system.


What would any of you guys do if you were in my situation? I want 2 hear your opinions! Tell me what you would choose and why.

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I would go for the 07, newer technology with the motor...plus it is a newer body style. The newer body style will keep it from looking old for a while, and it will hold a higher resale since it is the most current. The 06 SSS will not be worth as much when/if they release the Silverado SS in the new body.

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I thought that the Texas Edition GMC Sierra was still only a concept trim package?


When did they decide to build it?




My dad and I went to look at the Chevy dealership today. They have a 5.3 315hp V8...I want the SS because of the power. The new '07's are sweet though!

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Well I would not want my dad to buy me anything, I would rather work for what I have and respect it more and myself for working for it. Thats my 2 cents. I would however if I was in your shoes go with the SSS.


What does the Texas Ed. have in it?




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