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changing interior???


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well unfortunatly i cant be one of the lucky ones yet and have an ss....yet. but on my truck which im making into a clone i have tan interior. i love my truck but hate the interior, doesnt have the look that i want. looking at my buddys regency silverado it just seems so much more powerful and bada$$ with that interior, i know it sounds weird but with tan interior it looks more like a comuter work truck than a powerful truck that im planning to make it. so i wanted the dark grey but this was used and too good of a deal to pass up. so what i was thinking is how hard would it be to change over. its going to be off the road for the winter so id have some time. also i work at a electronics place so working on lot of wires dont scare me. another idea i had was to get one of those dashcovers from stylin concepts and paint it black with some other black accents, dont want it to look ricey just have some darkness in there. and is there a parts list of what i need? i was also thinking of getting rid of the middle seat and getting a console. what do you think? so help me out please...~~~maybe a donor vechile insight for me soon???

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check on the breakers yards and find a LT interior, you'd get center console, seats and poss ibly the dash complete, hard work to fit but worth the effort...

but i have to admit i loved the Tan leather in my old LT truck and wished they had have given that option with the SS, but i'm old so thats probably why lol... and with the looks of the SS i can live with dark grey :driving:


good luck and don't forget to take pics for a how to feature eh?



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Hmmmm....sounds like a lot of work.  I've been eyeing Katzkin seat covers for a while.  Eventually I will be able to afford it.  I think drako has their seat cover(with suede inserts).  The only thing you'd have to worry with is the dash then, I guess.


:thumbs: for Katkins! I've seen some of those and they are NICE! I would love to do those, but it seems like a PITA to remove the seats.

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