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Stereo static and cutting out


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Ok. I got my amp and subs installed last night. I connected the power lead to the battery post using a sidepost adapter, used 8GA cable for power lead and ground. I used the PAC adapter behind the head unit, everything the way it should be, no shortcuts. On the way to work this morning (driving through town) I was cranking the base while playing a CD and at high volumes I started getting some static and then the sound (subs and stock speakers) would cut out a few times and then go back to normal. This happened several times. I got on the highway, changed to a different CD and cranked it again and I couldn't get it to cut out again. Anyone have any ideas what might be causing this? Both CDs played fine before the install. I am not running a capasitor for my amp could this be the culprit? I am running a 300W amp and (2) 10" 400W subs and I had both of these installed in my old truck and had no problems.

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