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Belltech 2/2 installed


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First off, I would like to thank Mr. P for providing a couple of how to's, which made this little project possible. I would also like to thank Scott for the selling me the drop.





In the shop, after



and a couple cleaned up outside:







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Nice Job Montana, I just recently droped mine as well with beltech spindals and djm shackles....Have you really driven it? I picked mine up to about 80 first then to about 106 without any vibrations so i think it came out nice....Let me know how your results came out :cheers:





Onyx :cool:

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I havent really "driven" it yet. I'm waiting to get an allignment before i drive it hard. It rides a little rougher (I assumed this would happen) and I havent had any dry roads to test handling around corners, but i'm satisfied with the looks of it and hopefully it drives a little better. I've had no vibrations up to 75 :driving:

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looks sharp, do you get grief from the fuzz with the front plate like that?? :confused:


No, actually they told my to put it there... I got pulled over one night for not having one and the officer said to put it behind the grille, so i did and havent had any problems since. (I got off with a warning) :D

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