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regular cab SS


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I was wondering if the regular cab SS was ever put into production. I know` that there are clones of them, but are there any "authentic" ones out there? They were supposed to have cloth seats only, a 6-speed MT, and they had the same 6 liter engine but instead of 345 hp, they had 395 as the trailblazer SS does. Can any body tell me if Chevy ever put the regular cab SS into production?

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They only made the SSS in the 1500 ext cab form. It would have been nice to have them in the reg cab with a 6 speed with more power to really fight the likes of the SRT10 and the Lightning. Either way I love my truck and the room of the ext cab and we look better aswell. :cool:





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i used to think i'd like a regular cab SS (in fact i almost cloned a reg cab truck in to my own idea of a SS but then i bought a ext cab and the extra space is a god send, best thing Chevy ever built enough room for occasional passengers but no big enough to have folks wanting long lifts lol..call me selfish lol..


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