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Granatelli MAF Sensor


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Spend your $300 elsewhere...Never tried it, but theres alot more (like a tune) that you can get for $300. Buy a cam for $300 and install it?


Thanks for the input. My tune is already done, and I don't want to open the motor up yet as I don't own my SS out right yet. Someday down the road I will get heavy into modding the motor.............. :chevy:

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I got the g.m.s mass air.I didnt notice a diffrence.You can just push the screen out of your stock one.When I told diablo sport that I wanted a custom tune Johan told me he dosent like to tune with the G.m.S :dunno:.I still have it in and it works fine

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Torque converter or headers would be money well spent also. What mods do you already have?


So far I have-

K&N 57-Series CAI

GMPP Cat Back

Hypertech PPIII Tune


Trying to find someone on Long Island who has a chassis dyno.............

I would love to do a Radix or headers, but I still have a warranty and funds are limited......... :chevy:

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